Free USA IPTV M3u Playlist Download 2019

Without a doubt, this is the year of streaming and specifically of m3u. Yes, to watch television and any audiovisual content remotely.

While the content by remote is not something new, or own 2019, it has been in this year where it has managed to rebound and sneak into the top of the popularity charts.

We could blame the internet and the progressive increase of broadband speed in our homes, but m3u technology has become popular in 2019 , more than anything, thanks to the content platforms that exist today.

What is m3u and how do I use it for free?

m3u is a file extension not only used for remote content, but it is a file used to create local playlists (with content on our hard drive).

One of the peculiarities of the m3u format, created by Winamp , is that it is a light file similar to a .txt (Notepad) that stores information about the location of a multimedia file (mp3, mp4 …) in any remote hosting company , hosting, server and as we said, on the hard drive.

In 2019, this remote technology has allowed the streaming platforms to take off, because the content is not downloaded to our devices, but is reproduced from the server.

For proper functioning of m3u, speaking properly of streaming or remote content transmission, it is necessary to use programs or applications that support this file extension .

The good thing about all this is that in 2019 there are many software alternatives to perform this task.

Many of these programs are actually multimedia players that have the facility to read these files, just as they would read another playlist in formats like .wpl (used by Windows Media Player).

Some popular programs work with Wiseplay, Kodi, SSIPTV, Smart IPTV, VLC Player and more

Then, the m3u file is composed of a list of web addresses (URLs), which are the remote location of the content we want to see (from specific premium programs to complete channels USA, UK, Israel and other countries).

This file is placed in one of the programs that we have previously mentioned as IPTV URL TV which you can also download from our website .

One of the advantages of this format is that these URLs will always be updated, so, taking the previous example, it is possible that in 5 days they are updated and have more channels from Germany, USA, UK, Israel , more Premium channels, or more channels of adults, for example. Without you having to reinstall the updated lists, since they are synchronized remotely update.

USA Smart IPTV Download World List ” Latest Update 06/13/2019 “

This is a special file that contains all the necessary lists of m3u tv channels. most powerful update with good quality and without interruption, All the iptv m3u playlist url 2019 have been selected with care and precision. We will post new m3u playlists everyday. So you can enjoy watching iptv tv channels for free.

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  • Server 3: USA IPTV LinksM3u Playlist Download

IMPORTANT: This M3u Playlist expire at the end of every week. And some channels at the end of every day, Some streams may not be compatible with VLC Player. Please try to get the latest update here.

Note: We do not host any of the free channels that we share. All m3u or m3u8 playlists that we share for free are playlists that we find using search engines. The only thing that we do is share this premium m3u playlist for free.